Historic Crescent Farm, was founded in 1827 by William Alexander Shaffer and was the center of operations for the Shaffer family land holdings.  The present building occupying the site was constructed in 1849 and was the centerpiece of a cane farm that included its own sugar mill.  Crescent Farm continued to be a major producer of sugar cane until the 1920’s and was eventually acquired by corporate processors in the 1930’s.  In 1969 the house and its current surrounding acreage were acquired by a private landowner who undertook the restoration of the house and the extensive landscaping of the grounds.  In 1986, Crescent Farm was acquired by its current owner and now serves as the law offices of St. Martin & Bourque, which has occupied and maintained the premises ever since.

The raised Creole Acadian style plantation house design represents the apex of Louisiana’s Creole architecture and characterizes numerous special design features, such as broad spreading roofline with symmetrical façade, evenly-spaced windows, front second floor porch accessed by central exterior stairway, multiple fireplaces/chimneys, operable window shutters and generous galleries.

The office was redone by noted New Orleans architects - Labouisse & Waggoner - with the idea that is was later going to be returned to an elegant Acadian mansion.

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